Pampered Paws Pet Grooming in Waldo since 1989 Haircuts, shaves and trims for Dogs

Cat Grooming Prices


Toe nail trim $10.00

Quick trim around the

privates for cleanliness $20

Comb out while owners wait $20-$40

Baths start at $60

Shaves start at $75

Matting is always extra

Hard to handle cats are  extra

Yes, We Groom Cats...

Cat grooming is a highly skilled profession.
Not all groomers are trained to work on cats.

Most grooming schools do not include cats, rabbits or other animals in their courses. The risk of injury to the person and /or to the cat is high, especially without  proper training. At Pampered Paws, in order to learn how to handle cats, you must meet certain criteria, which includes being a seasoned groomer with dogs for at least two years first. 

We have a cat specialist on staff to train those interested. Cheryl, the owner  of the salon has been doing cat grooming her entire career. Also, along with another local groomer Pam  Carlson,  Cheryl has the opportunity to teach classes to groomers nationwide at the Kansas City Seminars

We can do whatever your cat needs, from a quick comb out to a full body shave and all in between. Some cats need a bath, some just need the hair cut or combed. We price according to time spent on your pet. It can be very difficult to give an estimate of price until we see the cats condition and assess it's needs. Ideally, with cats I like to schedule the appointments later in the day so it's a little bit quieter and the cat gets worked on immediately upon arrival. Some do just fine being dropped off first thing if you have to go to work early. The prevention of stress can lengthen the patience a cat has with it's groomer.

Please call for more information and to schedule an appointment.